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Foldable All-in-One Solar Street Lights

Whether it is split solar street lights, semi-split solar street lights, or integrated street lights, they have their own advantages and shortcomings. To combine their advantages, Cmoonlight creatively designed a foldable integrated solar street light named Palm Tree Solar Street Light, which is still an exclusive design in the world.

Foldable Solar Powered Street Light Manufacturer
The foldable integrated solar street light is the flagship solar street light of Cmoonlight. It can adjust the solar panel angle of the solar street light better to face the sunlight to achieve the maximum solar panel absorption efficiency. This solar street light has strict quality inspection and production technology processes. Using the most high-end lithium batteries and solar panels, LED lamp beads and controllers, mainly used for high-end solar street lights municipal projects and solar highway light, and solar road light projects.

Cmoonlight Manufacturing and wholesale:

40W/64W/100W/120W Foldable solar street light
100W/120W  Foldable solar Led street light with CCTV Camera


Solar Street Light Pole

High-quality Hot dip galvanized solar street light pole and Best quality in China, unique solar led street light factory.

Cmoonlight Manufacturing and wholesale:
4m/5m/6m/7m/8m/9m/10m/12m solar street light pole
12m Lifter Self-propelled lifting platform
Solar Powered Led Road Stud Lights

Cmoonlight is the industry's leading solar light manufacturer famous for its new-gen solar LED lighting solutions. Besides just LED lights, we also hold pride in manufacturing robust and corrosion-free solar street light poles.

Whether you want a solar street light pole for airport or street lighting, we are here to meet your needs with a detailed product mix. Our extensive solar light pole manufacturing unit enables us to produce over 20000 tons per annum.

Regardless of the required quantity, type, and size of the pole, Cmoonlight dedicated itself as a perfect companion to help you switch to an eco-friendly lighting solution. Here’s why our solar street light poles are famous worldwide!


What Makes Our Solar Steet Light Pole Worthwhile?


Low-Carbon Steel Q235:

When it comes to manufacturing solar street light poles, Q235 steel offers the highest durability. Here the “Q” means the yield strength of the material in megapascals (MPa). As we use low carbon Q235 steel, our solar light poles feature an incredible yield strength of over 235MPa.

The Q235 steel helps us produce hot-rolled street light poles with extreme durability against environmental factors. Furthermore, our innovative manufacturing process makes it corrosion-resistant to stand strong in every weather.  


Our Process:

As discussed above, we use low carbon Q235 steel with a silicone content of even less than 0.04%. It enables us to maintain straightness errors of less than 0.05% after the straight bending. Once the lamp pole is formed, our experts begin the hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion process.


At Cmoonlight, we perform both internal and external hot-dip galvanizing during the production of a solar street light pole. Hot-dip galvanization creates a coat of molten zinc that offers extreme protection against corrosion and electrical shocks.
After that, we process galvanized solar street light poles through the acid wash and passivate to comply with National GB/T13912-92 standards.


Spray Painting:

Besides hot-galvanizing, our anti-corrosion process also includes spray painting of solar light poles. The spray paint firmly sticks to the galvanized surface and offers an even finish to our final product. Also, we use high-quality spray paint with rust inhibitors to aid in resistance to corrosion.

30 Years of Anti-Corrosion Life:

Our innovative anti-corrosion process makes the solar light pole stand strong against dust, snow, and rain. As we galvanize the poles according to GB2694-88 standards, Cmoonlight’s solar street light poles don’t catch rust and corrosion.
Thus, it offers an excellent life span of over 30 years whether you live in a rainy area or an area with deserts.


Robust Ground Cage:

The ground cage is the foundation of a solar street light pole and ensures its sturdiness forever. At Cmoonlight, we develop a 4-sided robust ground cage to hold your pole strong in every weather. Not only harsh conditions, but the ground cage also keep the pole stable in earthquakes and other natural calamities.

High Availability:

Besides extreme build quality, Cmoonlight also ensures an efficient supply chain to meet your needs. We have a massive production capacity of 20000 tons and manufacture poles of several dimensions.

From 4m to 12m solar light pole, you can order any size of the pole in desired quantity and color. If you want to know more about our solar street light pole availability and dimensions, contact us today for detailed information.


Cmoonlight — Global Solar Street Light Pole Manufacturer

Cmoonlight is global solar LED light and street light pole manufacturer in China. Thanks to our efficient supply chain, we export an extensive range of solar light poles to every continent around the world.
Here’s what we include in our global presence!


Countries Served:

As we said, Cmoonlight exports its solar street light poles for construction projects to a variety of countries worldwide. We serve countries including Australia, the US, Canada, Malaysia, Ecuador, Thailand, Mongolia, UAE, Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil, and Pakistan.
Don’t worry!  Our product quality and structure comply the international standards and offer an advanced level built. That's why our solar street light poles are used at airports, parking lots, and street and manufacturing units in several countries.


Product Mix:

At Cmoonlight, we manufacture a wide range of solar street light poles in different dimensions to meet your needs. Our product mix includes solar road steel poles, street light poles, signal poles, high poles, and monitoring poles.
Besides solar poles, Cmoonlight is also a manufacturer of 12m Self-Propelled Lifting Platforms with self-lifted hydraulic and GB-ADC12 compliant Solar Powered LED Road Stud Lights. Not to mention, we have Solar LED lighting solutions such as Palm Tree Solar Street Light with 210lm/w output.


You’re Just a Call Away!

If you’re looking for a high-quality solar street light pole, Cmoonlight is the best place to end your research journey. We have been symbolizing the industrial standards with our innovative processes and robust street poles since 2010.

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Split solar led street lights

Split solar street lights are the most common among solar street lights and have the widest range of applications.
The solar panel of the split solar street lights is installed on the top of the light pole, and the LED light source is extended from the light pole support arm.

The split solar street lamp will also have an external battery for storing and discharging electricity. Lead-acid batteries were often used in the past. This kind of battery is large in size, small in capacity, and the depth of discharge is not good. The efficiency is not very good. The above are all matched with lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have excellent performance in all aspects, but the external lithium battery installed on the light pole may still be stolen.

So semi-split solar street lights appeared on the market, the battery is integrated under the solar panel, or integrated inside the lamp body. Solar panels are exposed to the sun, the highest temperature in summer can reach 90 degrees Celsius, if the battery is installed under the solar panel, the hot of solar panel will damage the battery life. 

The semi-split solar street light designed and developed by Cmoonlight uses the integration of the battery and the lamp body to avoid the heat conduction of the battery by the solar panel, and to ensure that the solar panel faces the sun to achieve the highest solar panel absorption efficiency. Cmoonlight can produce 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W split solar street light

All-in-One Solar Led Street Light

All in One Solar Street Light has the advantages of easy installation and transportation, the all in one solar street lights are more and more popular in the international market. The solar panel, battery and controller of the integrated solar street light are all integrated into one.  All-in-One/Integrated solar Led street lights sell very well in South Africa, Angola, Morocco, Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana, Cameroon, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia

All-in-One/ Integrated Solar Street Light Manufacturer
There are many cheap All-in-One solar street lights, but most of them use C or D class lithium batteries. The temperature in the cabin of the All-in-One solar street lights can be as high as 70 degrees Celsius in summer. If you use a cheap battery, the battery can be easily damaged in high temperature. Cmoonlight insists on manufacturing high-quality solar street lights with A-class lithium batteries, and the price of Cmoonlight's solar street lights are affordable.

Cmoonlight Manufacturing and wholesale:
40W/60W/80W/100W/120W all in one/integrated solar street light
40W/60W/80W/100W/120W integrated solar street light


Smart solar street lights are classified into All-in-One/integrated solar street lights, All-in-Two solar street lights, and split type solar street lights. It is composed of the battery, solar panel, controller, LED light source, and lamp housing. The quality of materials varies greatly. For example, there are 4 different grades of lithium batteries, and the controllers are also divided into PMW controllers and MPPT controllers. Do you want to know the difference between them? Learn more>

Solar powered street lights use solar panels to store the absorbed solar energy in the battery, and the battery automatically discharges to supply the LED light source at night. Solar street lights do not require complex power supply equipment and do not need to construct buried wires. Not only saves a large amount of electricity costs, installation fees, and power supply equipment costs, but also makes installation easier. With the continuous advancement of technology, the cost of solar panels and batteries has become lower and lower. In recent years, solar street lights have become more and more popular among governments. The solar street light industry will usher in explosive growth in the next ten years.

Quality Solar Street light Manufacturer
As a high-quality solar street light factory, Cmoonlight passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. Mainly develop and produce high-quality smart solar street lights with a life span of 10-15 years for urban roads and highways projects. Cmoonlight insists on adopting A-class LiFePO4 Lithium battery with BMS system, 21% high-efficiency solar panel, MPPT controller, 210lm/w high-efficiency LED chip. Our price is cheap among quality solar street lights. Cmoonlight's solar street lights have passed CB IECEE IP67 COC CQC. ETL TUV CE certification

Cmoonlight provide different types of solar street lights and Light poles: