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Integrated/All-in-One Solar Street Lights   CW Series especially created for horizontal installation on single arm or double arm street poles

Split solar street lights are the most common among solar street lights and have the widest range of applications.
The solar panel of the split solar street lights is installed on the top of the light pole, and the LED light source is extended from the light pole support arm.

The split solar street lamp will also have an external battery for storing and discharging electricity. Lead-acid batteries were often used in the past. This kind of battery is large in size, small in capacity, and the depth of discharge is not good. The efficiency is not very good. The above are all matched with lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have excellent performance in all aspects, but the external lithium battery installed on the light pole may still be stolen.

So semi-split solar street lights appeared on the market, the battery is integrated under the solar panel, or integrated inside the lamp body. Solar panels are exposed to the sun, the highest temperature in summer can reach 90 degrees Celsius, if the battery is installed under the solar panel, the hot of solar panel will damage the battery life. 

The semi-split solar street light designed and developed by Cmoonlight uses the integration of the battery and the lamp body to avoid the heat conduction of the battery by the solar panel, and to ensure that the solar panel faces the sun to achieve the highest solar panel absorption efficiency. Cmoonlight can produce 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W split solar street light