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All in one Solar Street Light with CCTV The solar street light with solar powered wifi camera has the a lot of  advantages:   Easine

Whether it is split solar street lights, semi-split solar street lights, or integrated street lights, they have their own advantages and shortcomings. To combine their advantages, Cmoonlight creatively designed a foldable integrated solar street light named Palm Tree Solar Street Light, which is still an exclusive design in the world.

Foldable Solar Powered Street Light Manufacturer
The foldable integrated solar street light is the flagship solar street light of Cmoonlight. It can adjust the solar panel angle of the solar street light better to face the sunlight to achieve the maximum solar panel absorption efficiency. This solar street light has strict quality inspection and production technology processes. Using the most high-end lithium batteries and solar panels, LED lamp beads and controllers, mainly used for high-end solar street lights municipal projects and solar highway light, and solar road light projects.

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40W/64W/100W/120W Foldable solar street light
100W/120W  Foldable solar Led street light with CCTV Camera