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Solar street lights with CCTV camera

Solar Street Light with Wifi and Camera

Cmoonlight produce Solar Street Light With CCTV Camera And Motion Sensor, Solar Street Light with IP Camera, Integrated Solar Street Light with IP Camera, Solar Parking Lot Light with IP Camera, Solar Parking Lot Light with CCTV IP Camera

Solar Lights with CCTV camera, motion sensor, SIM Card 32GB, 64GB, 128 TF.

Cmoonlight  patented ‘All-In-One’ solar street light design that integrates a highly efficient solar panel, compact Lithium LifeP04 batteries and a clever power management system into a compact and easy to install solar power system.

solar led street light with cctv camera

All in one Solar Street Light with CCTV

The solar street light with solar powered wifi camera has the a lot of  advantages:

  • Easiness to Install: Thanks to the wireless technology.
  • High Definition Images: It captures high quality images & videos hence increases the reliability.
  • Self-sufficient: The system does not require connection with the grid and can work anywhere, thanks to the solar panels.
  • Energy Savings: Provided with an infrared ray induction probe so you can save energy.

foldable all in one solar street light with CCTV camera
solar street light with WiFi Cameraadvantage of solar street light camera

peformance of solar camera


solar street light

Solar street light with Camera

Solar street light with CCTV
CCTV camera of solar street light

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