The Best Smart Solar Led Street Light

Landscape solar garden lights

Landscape solar garden lights

If you are looking to improve your home yard or Garden security, then how about on-off flood lights? These are often motion sensitive and fill a large space with bright light. You could also use this in partnership with Smart security products, like smart doorbells and window sensors as well as smart lighting to make you home a fortress. Solar garden light can be programmed to provide different hues and warmth of light, as well as being able to be timed to turn on and off when you want. Most of our lights have bulbs which can be replaced, which can be tricky if you 're not sure what to do, check out our light bulb web guide if you 're not sure of the best way to update the solar garden light.

Solar Led Garden Lights


Cmoonlight's range of high quality solar LED  garden lights will improve visibility and safety around your home at night.

  • Quality internal batteries keep lights on long after the sun goes down
  • No need plug into main power, no need for electrician to install
  • Bulk discounts – the more you buy the more you save!
  • solar garden lights
specification of solar led garden light
solar garden light
solar led garden lights
specification of solar garden light

installation of solar garden lights
Widely used in Park, Villa, Village, Square, Courtyard, Farm, School, Desert, Prairie, Path etc...the places
where need outdoor lighting and with enough sunshine.
solar garden lights in yard


Type BS-ML-6 BS-ML-9 BS-ML-12
Lamp power 4W 8W 12W
Solar panel 12W/5V 25W/5V 40W/13.5V
Lithium battery 10AH/3.2V 20AH/3.2V 10AH/9.6V
LED qty 6pcs 6pcs 12pcs
Luminous flux 600-720lm 1200-1440lm 1500-1800lm
LED chip Bridgelux
Color temperature 3000-6500K
CRI ≥70Ra
Light control voltage 1V
Illumination (stand by) 30%
Sensor area <10meters
Delay time 20s
Charge timefull sunlight 4hrs
Working temperature -20℃~+60
Lifetime ≥50000hours
Material High quality aluminum alloy, die-cast aluminum
Mounting height 3-6meters
Installation spacing 8-10meters
dimension of solar garden lights
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