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Palm Tree Solar Led Street Light

Palm Tree solar led street light---Fodable All In One
Imaging what you plant on the side of road is not only solar led street light, but also Palm Trees
We have spent a whole year inventing this solar led street light, hundreds of detail being designed


Solar panel could rise up and fold: Solar panel is adjustable vertical, which is better for solar panel face the sun direction in both side of road.
Good heat dissipation: Separated solar panel can shade lamp body, not conduct heat to Battery and LED.
Easier installation: no cables required, 2 mounting step.

Solar Led Street Light Specifications

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foldable all in one solar street light
3D explosion view of solar street lightsolar street light with poleall in one solar street light with poles100W solar street light with pole

1 Foldable VS Normal
 Solar panel of palm tree solar street light could rise up and fold, which is better for solar panel face to the sun direction at both side of road.
Advantage of solar street light
flat all in one solar street light

2 Better Heat Dissipation
In summer, the solar panel is as hot as 90°C, 70°C inside the solar lamp body. (we have tested )
Hot will damage battery and LED source, so we separate the hot solar panel and it has a shadow, makes solar street light cool, enlarge lifespan of battery and LED source.

better heat dissipation of foldable all in one solar street light
3 Solar panel is wider
The width of solar panel of foldable All In One solar street light is 500mm, while normal All IN ONE is only 430mm or 330mm, larger solar panel is an ensurance of brightness and longer backup time
larger size of solar panel

4 Compatible with pole diameter 40-115mm (suggest 76mm)
 Other solar street light can only fit to specific pole diamerer
adapt to any pole size
flat all in one solar street light with pole

5 Customizable pattern
100W foldable all in one with logo

6 Easier installation
 No power required, no cables required, 2 mounting steps
easy installation of solar street light

3D Explosion Drawing
Palm Tree solar street light adopt top materials for government street light project, A-Class LiFePO4 battery with 10 years Lifespan
3D View of solar street light
Solar Panel                                     ❷Microwave sensor

❸Heat Sink                                       ❹LED Light

❺LiFOPO4 Lithium Battery            ❻Support

Back view of solar street light

Mono Solar Panel(A-classs) Eficiency 21%
Microwave Sensor
❸Cree 3030 LED chip 210lm/W for single LED chip

All Die-Casting Aluminium Alloy Customizable Print

3D dialux photometric simulation of solar street led light
3D simulation of solar street light in daytime

Remote Control Technology
controller of solar street light

4 working modes as below:
DEMO: Test button ( light "on" for 1 mintue).
ON/OFF: On/Off button ( press the button turn on the light, press again turn off the light, no matter day or night ).
L: 100%-2hrs, 70%- 2hrs, 20%-8hrs. 
M: 100% if people come close, 30% far away. (Sensor Mode)
T: 100%-2hrs, 70%- 2hrs, 50%-2hrs.
U: 100%-2hrs, 70%-2hrs, 50%-2hrs, sensor working 50%,if people come close, 20% far away.

After connected the cables between solar panel and the lamp, the light will turn on automatically when it detect sunshine (there is no need using remoter to turn on the solar light ). Default is M mode, you can choose the best mode according to different sunshine solar light ).

sensor mode of solar street light
induction mode of solar street light
 Solar Led Street light Size

40W 60W 80W 100W foldable all in one solar led street light
installation height of solar street light
Solar Panel Power 60W 80W 140W 160W
Max LED Power 40W 64W 100W 120W
Battery Capacity 18Ah"12.8V 24Ah*12.8V 39Ah*12.8V 48Ah"12.8V
Lumens 64001m 96001m  160001m 192001m
L*W*H 650*550*63mm 950*550*63mm 1330* 550*63mm 1610*550*63mm
Mounting Height 4 6m 6 8m 7-9m 9-12m
Mounting Space 15 20m 20-25m 25- 30m  30-35m
Solar Panel A-Class, Monocrystalline silicon, Eficiency 19.6%,25 years Lifespan
LED Chip CREE from USA with high brightness, 50 000 hours Lifespan
Battery Lithium battery. 8 10 years Lifespan
Viewing Angle 80x150
Charge Time 46 hours (in strong enough sunshine)
Back up Raining days 3-5 days
Working Temperature -20C-+70C
Colour Temperature 5000k
Lamps Material All Die Casting Aluminium Alloy
Certificate CE/ ROHS I IP65
warranty period 3 years

Package--Neutral Carton Box
Size (cm) 72x61x25 102x61x25 140x61x25 140x61x25
CBM /Carton 0-1098 O.15555 0-2135 0.2562
Set/2OGP 25CBM 220 150 100 90
Set/40GP 54CBM 480 340 240 200
Set/40HQ 68CBM 610 420 310 250
Gross Weight(kg) 17.5 22 29 35
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