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100W Solar Street Light | Unique design 15 years Lifespan

Industry’s Leading 100W Solar Street Light

Manufactured by Cmoonlight, PALM Tree Solar Light is the name for innovative features and energy efficiency. From streets to parking lots, this integrated LED solar streetlight is the perfect choice for everywhere. That's why we consider it as one of the most innovative 100W solar streetlights of the industry.

PALM Tree Solar Street Light — All-in-One Solar Light

PALM Tree Solar Street Light is an all-in-one 100W streetlight designed and manufactured by Cmoonlight. We have innovated it with a unique foldable design and corrosion-free construction. Furthermore, it's a blend of brightened LEDs, a long-lasting battery, and energy-efficient components. All the components together and deliver 16000 lumens for 50000 hours continuously.

Hence, no worries for the next 15 years!

3D View of Pam Solar Street Light

Top Features of our 100W Solar Street Light:

  1. A-Class Solar Panel:
Solar panel is the heart of every solar-powered LED lighting. Considering this, PALM Tree has A-Class solar panel with 21% photoelectric conversion efficiency. The solar panel features a tempered glass cover with IP67 water resistance. Thus, it prevents solar streetlights from bad weather conditions and offers an unbelievable lifespan of 20-25 years.
  1. CREE5050 Chip:
When it comes to LED chips, nothing can alternate CREE5050 from the USA. We know this and use CREE5050 LED chip in our PALM Tree Solar Street Light for the best performance. It offers prominent energy efficiency of 160lm/w and 100W light output. Interestingly, these LEDs have a 50000 hours lifespan which is far better than ordinary LEDs.
  1. 6000K Color Temperature:
If we talk about color temperature, it means the color of an LED according to the Kelvin system. Lights that deliver 3000K or less color temperature are warm and soothing. However, they aren't much bright and refreshing. So, PALM Tree Solar Street Light delivers a 6000K color temperature for the best results.
  1. Perfect Dimensions:
PALM Tree (ML-PALM-100) is a 100W Solar Street Light and has perfect dimensions accordingly. The product features the dimensions of 1330(L) x 550(W) x 63(H)mm and 80 x 150-degree viewing angle. Furthermore, we set its mounting height to 7-9m and mounting space to 25-30m for convenient placement.
  1. LiFePo4 Battery:
LiFePo4 is a new-gen innovative battery known for its long-lasting backup and lifespan. Thus, we have it in our PALM Light to make your investment worthwhile. It features >2000-times charge and discharges that's three times better than Lead-Acid batteries. With this battery, this solar parking lot light delivers a battery backup of over 12 hours on a single charge.
  1. Build Quality:
Keeping everything aside, build quality is something that matters the most. We manufacture 100W solar streetlights with high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy. Unlike iron, the alloy doesn't catch corrosion and offers extreme durability forever. It may surprise you that the construction also improves thermal dispersion during the operation.
  1. Smart MPPT Controller:
As we say, PALM Solar Street Light is a blend of innovation and sturdiness. This 100W solar streetlight features a smart MPPT controller for better energy efficiency. Interestingly, it controls the light illuminance according to time and delivers exceptional battery backup. Especially from dusk to dawn, it reduces the illuminance and ensures the desired efficiency.
100 watt solar street light | Cmoonlight

Benefits of buying 100W Solar Street Lights of Cmoonlight:

  1. Patented Foldable Design:
PALM Solar Street Light got a unique and patented foldable design crafted by Cmoonlight. It is a foldable design that allows you to adjust the solar panel according to the sun's direction. By unfolding it, you can increase the efficiency of a solar panel by 60%. Also, it keeps LED cool and offers better heat dissipation.
  1. Smart Control:
It is a smart device that supports a multi-functional remote. You can customize it using five modes, including light, microwave, timing, and super brightness. Using these modes, you can adjust the lighting and save energy consumption. Let's see what L mode and M mode help you save energy consumption.
      • M Mode:
M mode means sensor lighting mode. In this, PALM Solar Street Light keep at 30% illuminance but increased to 100% whenever someone pass-through.
      • L Mode:
L mode features three brightness levels adjustable according to run time. It delivers 100% brightness in the first 2 hours, 70% for the next 2 hours, and 20% for 8 hours.
  1. Certifications:
This 100W Solar Street Light is more than just a gamut of specifications. The product has certifications including CB, TUV, CE, RoHS, IECEE, COC, and IK10. In water resistance, PALM Tree is certified by IP65 and IP67 for consistent performance in every weather. You also have a 3-5 years warranty from Cmoonlight. So, no worries at all!

Feature-Based Comparison:

PALM Solar Street Light
Other 100W Solar Street Lights
  • Foldable design
  • 60% higher solar efficiency
  • Good heat dissipation
  • 2-step mount for easy installation
  • Non-adjustable design
  • Regular performance
  • Poor heat dissipation
  • 3-step mount
LED Chip
  • CREE5050 LED chip
  • 210lm/s LED chip
  • Brightness decay in 5 years
  • More than 80% brightness remained
  • CRI: >70
  • Viewing angle: 150 x 80-degree
  • 110lm/s LED chip
  • 160lm/s for a single LED
  • Decay in 5 years
  • 20% brightness remained
  • CRI: <70
  • Viewing Angle: 120 x 60-degree
Solar Panel
  • Mono Solar Panel
  • PET Board
  • Double-sided mono-crystalline silicon
  • A-Class panel
  • 140W solar panel power
  • Power decay in 10 years
  • 90% power rate remained
  • Poly Solar Panel
  • Conversion efficiency: 16-17%
  • Corrosive and develop cracks
  • Power decay in 10 years
  • 20% power rate remained
Build Quality
  • Anti-rust hosing
  • High quality all die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Corrosion resistance coating
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Corrosive hosing
  • Normal iron
  • Easy corrosion and break
  • LiFePo4 Lithium battery
  • 2000 times charge and discharge
  • Stable and high capacity
  • 8-10 years lifespan
  • 42Ah battery capacity
  • 4-6 hours charge time
  • Ternary lithium or lead-acid battery
  • 500 times charge and discharge
  • Explosive in high temperature
  • Too heavy
Energy Efficiency
  • 160lm/w
  • 110lm/w
  • IP55

Are you looking for a 100W solar streetlight? PALM Tree Solar Street Light is the best option for you. Call us now at +86-18823328907 or drop us an email at for the quote.

Advantages(Palm VS Traditional All-in-One)

Adjustable Solar Panel

Solar panel could rise up and fold, which is better for solar panel face the sun direction in both side of road.

Non Adjustable Solar Panel

The solar panel is fixed and non-adjustable, with the side of the road not facing the sun

Good heat dissipation

Separated solar panels can shade lamp body, they will not conduct heat to each other, makes the lamp body cool, enlarge lifespan and efficiency of battery and LED source

Bad heat dissipation

The temperature of the solar panel is as high as 90 degrees Celsius in summer, and the internal temperature of the closed integrated lamp body can reach 70 degrees Celsius, which can easily damage the battery and LED

Easier Installation

No power required, no cables required, only 2 mounting steps.

Easy Installation

only 3 mounting steps.

  • Micro-computer controlled-combine light control system and time control system perfectly, ensure whole system more
  • Extreme light efficiency reach 180lm/w, at same illumination, lower watt available.
  • Low cost-Compared with traditional solar led lights, much lower cost, easy to transport No Hg, Pb or other hazardous
    materials, no radiation, human safety.

Advantages(Best Material)

210lm/s LED chip

Light Efficiency: 160lm/w for complete Lamp, 210lm/s for single LED Chip
Brightness decay in 5 years: More than 80% Brightness Remained
CRI: >70
Viewing Angle: 150°*80° (use large viewing angle optical lens)

110lm/s LED chip

Light Efficiency: 110lm/w for entire Lamp, 160lm/s for single LED Chip
Brightness Decal in 5 years: Only 20% brightness remained
CRI: <70
Viewing Angle: 120°*60° (use common optical lens)

Mono Solar Panel
Conversion efficiency: >21%

PET Board, Double-sided anti-corrosion
Power Decay in 10 years: 90% Power rate remained
High strength Tempered glass, Anti-icing, Anti- Sandstorm

Poly Solar Panel

Conversion efficiency: 16-17%
Corrosive, easy crack
Power Decay in 10 years: 20% Power rate remained
Not Strong

Anti-Rust Hosing

High quality All Die-cast Aluminum Alloy
stronge, corrosion resistance in seaside and desert

Corrosive Hosing

Normal Iron, easy corrosion and break


Detail of 100W solar street light

Double-Sided Solar Panel

Double-Sided Solar Panel

Longer lifespan
40% higher solar absorbtion efficiency.
20% lower attenuation rate than normal solar panel

View Details

5050 LED Chip

Cree 5050 LED Chip

≥45mil led chip
≥ 10 000hrs lifetime
≥70Ra CRI
CCT: 3000K-6500K

View Details

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium Battery - Cmoonlight

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

High capacity
No pollution and stable
10-15 years lifetime.
≥2000 times charge & discharge
Hightermperature resistance

View Details

MPPT controller

Smart MPPT Controller

unique design
Combine light control and time control perfectly, ensure whole system more enery efficient
Smart control, saving more and
system works stably

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Front view of foldable all in one solar street light
Back View of solar street light
3D Exploded View of solar street light
3D Exploded View of solar led street light
One solar street light with one pole
One solar led street light with one pole
Solar street light on each side of road
palm trees solar street light
Side View of solar street light
Solar led street light with Anti-bird Spines


Projects of 100W solar street light

  • Streetlight

  • Parking lot light
  • Commercial solar lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Solar floodlighting
  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Plazas
  • Campuses
Palm Solar street light - Cmoonlight

Solar Panel Power
Solar Panel
A-Class, Double-side Mono-crystalline silicon, Efficiency 21%, 25 years Lifespan
Max LED Power
LED Chip
CREE5050 from USA with high brightness, 50 000 hours Lifespan
A-class LiFePO4 Lithium battery, 8-10 years Lifespan
Battery Capacity
16000 lm
Mounting Height
Mounting Space
Viewing Angle
Charge Time
4-6 hours (in strong enough sunshine)
Back up Raining days
3-5 days
Working Temperature
Colour Temperature
6000k or 5000K
Lamps Material
All Die-Casting Aluminium Alloy
Warranty period
3 - 5 years

1. All die-casting aluminium body, anti-corrosion,  21% efficiency  Monocrystalline solar panel, A Grade LiFePO4 Lithium battery
2. Cree 5050  LED, 200-210lm /w, Cree LED 3030 led chip  1-3W/LED. 3000-6500K is optional. Beam angel 150 x 80 for area lighting, 140 x 70 for road lighting.
3. Work time: Continuously 4-5 rainy days, 12 hours per night.
4. Control mode: light/ time/ microwave sensor control /Time + microwave sensor control, each lamp comes with  a remote controller.
5. Delivery time: 3-5working days for sample order, 15-25 working days for bulk order.  25-35 days for above 500 pcs.
6. Warranty:  3 years for whole lamp
7. Pole: This price do not including pole, installation fee. Pole color suggest Silver.
8. City electricity complementary solar street light, need add $60.
9. IoT smart solar street light, each solar light including a 4G module, add $60.
10. Payment term: Trial order T/T 100%, normal order T/T 30% for deposite, 70% balance before loading. 
11. Palm solar street light has passed CB, Saber, CE, FCC, ROSS, TUV, IK10, IP67, ETL, GS, CQC
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