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Warranty Statement

Cmoonlight has passed ISO9001:2005 international quality management system with a strict production process standards, All products among the system are guaranteed, controlled and carried out



Cmoonlight will provide the following warranty for any product problems not caused by human errors or force majeure.
1. Cmoonlight provides warranty for the entire system and replaces with new components for free in case of quality problems

2. Cmoonlight provide 5 years warranty for A-class LiFePO4 Lithium battery, 3 years warranty for B-class LiFePO4 lithium battery.

3. Cmoonlight provides technical guidance. Cmoonlight will respond your question in 24 working-hours.


Return and Warranty Service Process

Please contact us when seeking warranty service and provide the following information with your request: (a)PI number, (b) serial number, (c) problem description, (d)photos Cmoonlight will check the situation. In the scope of warranty, we will ship a new one to customers'port, and if by air, the cost difference from shipment will be paid by customers



1. Cmoonlight will not be responsible for any damages caused by natural disasters Disclaimers including earthquake, flood, thunder, fire, etc. nor shall it be responsible for damage or loss from theft, accidents, or improper use
2. Utilization of only Cmoonlight's authorized parts and components. Cmoonlight should not bear any responsibility for any damages caused by components from other supplier

3. The solar light system shall be installed in accordance with Cmoonlight installation instructions. Cmoonlight shall not be liable for any damage caused by any violations of the instruction

4. The warranty time starts from the arrival date on the destination port

Any variation(s) to the above warranty must be in writing and mutually
acceptable by a Cmoonlight and the customer.

Date: 2021-2-3

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assemble battery
Assemble of battery
Pack Battery
We assemble the batteries ourselves, and we buy the best batteries and protection boards ourselves directly

Assemble Solar panel
assemble solar panel equipment
Testing Solar Panel Equipment
We assemble solar panels by ourselves and buy the best solar cells directly .

Battery Aging
Incoming battery inspection, battery pack aging inspection after assembly
solar panel aging
Solar panel aging test

Aging for whole lamp
Whole lamp aging test for 3 days