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Cmoonlight are the enterprise main for led lights, led solar lights design and produce.We have the factory in Shenzhen and products range covers led solar street lights,led solar garden lights and some ODM led outdoor lights.

We welcome sample order to test and check quality. Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available.Mixed samples are acceptable.The available payment is Bank TT,Paypal,Western Union.

Our products are lighting 12 hours per night, 3~4 nights backup.

Please tell us the width of the road and more detail information of the road, we will supply professional 3D Dialux simulation photometric to you soon.

Yes, Cmoonlight 100% support supplying the customize solar outdoor lighting proposal.What is more, we will advice with our experience according to your place.

Cmoonlight QC team do the quality check for every order carefully first.We will take responsibility for any defective products under the warranty time. And our sales team will give you the feedback within 24 hours.

Cmoonlight would like to establish a stable business ship with local distributor all around the world.To confirm the mutual profits, the exclusive agency rule is necessary.Welcome to contact with us.


After-Sale Service

Customer to provide information

1. Could you pls provide videos and pictures?
2. Is there a long rainy day when installed outdoors?
3. How long has it been placed indoors?
4. Are there buildings, trees, or extended pole blocking the solar panels in the installation place?
5. Is the solar panel facing the sun's rays?
6. Is the wire between the solar panel and the light well connected?


1. The light is not bright enough?
Our lights have a smart power module. When the battery power is low, the lights will enter into the power saving mode and reduce the power automatically to extend the lighting time. There are the following reasons for insufficient battery:
① The rainy days are too long (it is recommended to wait for the observation when the sun is full)
② Put it indoors for a long time (it is recommended to put it outdoors in the sun to charge)
③ The installation method is wrong. If there are trees or buildings or long light poles nearby, it will seriously affect the absorption efficiency of the solar panel (it is recommended not to cover the solar panel)
④ There is no better side of the solar panel facing the sun

The factory-set default mode is M or L:
① L time control mode: 100%-2hrs, 70%-2hrs, 20%-8hrs. If it is later in the day, the measured brightness will be lower

2. Why do some lights look so bright?
The greater the power of the lamp, the shorter the spare rainy days. In order to win customer orders, some manufacturers will increase the power of the samples, but the spare rainy days will be very short. So not only look at the brightness, but also look at the spare rainy days, and more importantly, the service life of the lamps.

3. The light does not light up
① The battery is broken after being left uncharged for a long time (it is recommended to
activate the battery >)
② The wire between the solar panel and the lamp is not connected well (it is recommended to connect the wire well)
③ At night, the top of the solar panel is illuminated by a strong light source (it is recommended to remove the strong light)

4. Rust
Our lamp body is made of high-strength die-casting parts and aluminum alloy, so the lamp body will not rust
The hoop uses iron + spray paint, and it will rust partly after a long period of wind and rain. Rust is a protective film of iron and oxygen to prevent internal rust, so rust will not affect the strength of the hoop. (We are improving and better solutions)

5. Damaged during transportation
The most easily damaged during transportation is the solar panel. If the solar panel is damaged, we can replace it with a new one. In the case of CIF terms, the damage shall be compensated by the manufacturer. If the customer is responsible for the transportation, the customer will bear the responsibility.

6. How to store solar street lights?
Unplug the wire and store it in the carton box.
If it’s stored for a long time, it’s best to charge it at intervals.

Technical points

1. How do solar lights judge day and night?
The solar panel generates voltage when exposed to light, and the controller senses the voltage and judges it is daytime.
If the solar panel does not receive light and does not generate voltage, the controller will determine that it is night.

Even in the daytime, solar lights will be judged as several situations at night:
① In the daytime, the wire is disconnected between the solar panel from the light
② In the daytime, the solar panels are blocked by a large area or placed upside down on the ground

Even at night, the solar lamp will be judged as daytime:
③ At night, there is still strong light on the solar panel

2. Why does a little shading cause a 90% efficiency loss of the solar panel?
Hot spot effect, Video

3. Several kinds of batteries can withstand the highest temperature of work