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17 August 2020

All in One Solar Street Light Project In Nigeria

All-in-One Solar LED Street Light Project In Nigeria                             Project:Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria, 64watt Foldab

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23 February 2021

How to win a solar street light project

                                First of all, we must know several roles: local government, local project general contractor, local proje

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17 August 2021

Solar street light project in Spain

Solar street light project in Spain Cmoonlight, with innovative and high-quality streetlights, has done effective projects in different countries including China, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Thailan

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09 August 2021

Solar LED Lighting for Road Projects

People are beginning to recognize the benefits of using solar LED street lights, which is why they are becoming more popular. Many major cities are installing these street lights since they illuminate a large area. T

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15 August 2021

Solar street light project in Saudi Arabia

Solar street light project in Saudi Arabia Cmoonlight, with unique and high-quality solar street lights, has done successful projects in various countries including China, Philippine, Spain, Thailand and Nigeria

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18 August 2021

Solar led street light project in China

Cmoonlight has been able to create a reputation worldwide with its high-quality products. With the rapid increase in its popularity in different countries around the globe, it is of no surprise that Cmoonlight will a

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19 August 2021

Solar Powered Street Light Project in Nigeria

Cmoonlight has been gaining rapid popularity with its unique and high-end products. it has customers from Saudi Arabia, China, Spain, Thailand and Nigeria. It has done more than 999 successful projects worldwideand

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20 August 2021

Solar street light project in the Phillipines

Cmoonlight has made a reputation for itself worldwide. Wwith constant sucecsses in different pojects in countries like Spain, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Cmoonlight has become the neame of quality in the

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21 August 2021

Solar Street Light Project In Thailand

Cmoonligt has done many succesful projects in various countries. After making a repute for itself all around the world, it is now further expanding it’s domain in the world of solar streetlights with mor

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22 August 2021

Solar Street Light project in UAE

Cmoonlight is widely known for it’s high quality products and excellent service. Beginning from China, now Cmoonlight has  markets all over the world with more future projects planned. One of the examples

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23 August 2021

Solar street light project in Malaysia

Cmoonlight has been simply winning in the race of solar streetlights. With futuristic designs, high-quality material and great service, it has cerated a respectable place for itself. It hs done projects in countries

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24 August 2021

Solar Street light project in Mauritius

Cmoonlight has been a powerhouse of solar streetlights. With massive success in major countries all arounf the globe, it has many more project lined up for further expansion of it’s domain. The solar street lig

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