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Why solar street lights are rarely seen in cities?

Why solar street lights are rarely seen in cities?

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Why do people rarely see solar street lights in cities? Are there any insurmountable shortcomings of solar street lights?

To answer this question, we must first acknowledge that this is indeed a common phenomenon. Solar street lights are rarely seen in cities. But it cannot be said that solar street lights are not good. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Cities generally develop earlier, and the practical time of solar street lights is more than a decade ago, so before the large-scale solar street lights were put into use, cities used conventional city circuit lights. Moreover, the city's general infrastructure is relatively developed, so there is no need to install solar street lights.

2. Now urban greening and buildings are getting higher and higher, affecting solar street lighting. Solar street lights are collected by converting solar energy into electricity and stored, and then glow at night. Therefore, if the light is insufficient, it will naturally be difficult to meet the requirements.

3. There is a high demand for urban road lighting, and the power required is also large. If solar street lights are used, it will require a high configuration and the price will be high. This is not necessary in cities with advanced infrastructure.

It can be seen that solar street lights are rarely seen in cities, and it is not that solar street lights are not good. It is restricted by various conditions. In fact, many new urban arterial roads now use solar street lights. At present, well-known solar street light manufacturers such as moonlight Lighting Engineering Group have overcome the bottlenecks of the industry, and our products can be used on urban trunk roads, and there are many actual engineering cases.

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