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What factors affect the lighting time and lifespan of lithium solar street light

What factors affect the lighting time and lifespan of lithium solar street light?

When we choose lithium solar street lights, we can't only consider power of the light source , the height of light poles , and the capacity of battery. An important factor to consider is to check the local climate conditions and sunshine time. The lighting time has a lot to do with the sunshine time and intensity of sunlight. This will directly affect the amount of energy absorbed by the solar panel. The more energy the solar panel absorbs, the more electricity it can convert, which can ensure sufficient Lighting time. Generally, the accumulated sunshine duration in the north (the number of sunshine hours in a year) is longer, and there is more precipitation and cloudy days in the south, so the sunshine duration is less, which directly affects the lighting time.

Another point is that the local continuous rainy days. Solar street lights absorb much less energy than in sunny days. If the local continuous rainy days are longer, we must calculate it first when we choose the specification of solar street lights , Larger solar panels and larger battery are very important, ensure that solar street lights can keep working normally in long rainy days. At this time, we need professional and guaranteed solar street light manufacturers.

The key to the life of lithium solar street light is battery. If the battery decays quickly, the lighting time will be shorter and shorter soon. If you use A class lithium LiFePO4 battery, the attenuation is small, and 10 years Lifetime. Our company shenzhen moonlight always takes quality as the first priority and insists on using A Class lithium iron phosphate battery. The lithium battery solar storage control system produced can be matched with various series of solar street lights, solar IoT smart street lights, solar garden lights, rural Solar street lights, lawn lights, all in one solar street lights, and ensure that the lithium battery solar street light is on at night for more than ten consecutive rainy days.


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