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What are the advantages of solar street lights in Village

What are the advantages of solar street lights in Village

traditional all in one solar street light

With the advancement of new village construction, village road lighting projects are also the key point in each new village construction.
However, accompanied by various complex phenomena in rural areas, there are many difficulties in rural lighting projects, such as:

1. Road lighting lights up project investment issues.

2. The installation and construction process is complicated. It is necessary to move the earth, dig the land, and occupy the farmer's place, which will easily cause conflicts between the project and the villagers. Not easy to apply.

3. Electricity expenses cannot be resolved. As a result, the lights are hardly lit after the completion, and the actual effect of the lighting project cannot be achieved.

4. After that, the maintenance workload is large and the cost is high. Replace parts, original parts, etc.

5. large energy consumption, does not save energy but also pollute the ring mirror.

At this time if you use all in one solar street lights, it can avoid these problems. Easy installation, only investment one time, then it can use long time and free maintenance. Solar is endless and green energy.

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