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The main manifestation of solar street lights products.

Due to the continuous development of urban construction, the investment of solar street lights is also constantly increasing. The use of solar street lights will save a lot of electricity every day. In many remote areas, there are certain problems in power generation or transmission, and the repair cost is very high. Therefore, solar street lights play a vital role. Solar street lights will not cause electric shock, fire and other accidents, and the installation is simple and quick. So, what are the main methods of solar street lights?

1. Excavation of the ground structure does not require wiring or "open voltage", and there is no restriction of power failure and power. The voltage at the control point is balanced. After the direct drop charge, the battery will be left for a period of time by the charge and discharge controller, and the battery will be fully charged, that is, balanced charging. The charging time should not be too long, generally only a few minutes to ten minutes. If the set time is too long, there is harm. Therefore, it doesn't make much sense for a small system with two batteries.

2. The life of solar cells is related to their daily discharge. If the light is turned on every day, the daily capacity of the battery is not large, and the battery tends to have too much discharge and the edge is too small, which gradually becomes empty and affects the service life of the battery.

3. In order to reduce the price of solar street lights, the solar street lights are set to active mode, and there is no configuration required for night lighting. Therefore, the price of the whole set of solar street lights is reduced.

4. Over-discharge protection terminal voltage, battery discharge cannot be lower than the national standard. Although the battery manufacturer has its own protection parameters, it must be close to the national standard.

Through the above analysis, the over-discharge protection terminal voltage and battery discharge of the solar street lamp cannot be lower than the national standard when there is no power cut and power restriction. The life of the solar battery has a certain relationship with its daily discharge.

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