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Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

solar street light wich CCTV camera

Because the field monitoring system is often installed in sparsely populated and harsh environment, there is generally no normal and stable AC power supply. In this case, it can replace solar or wind power generation systems to solve the problem of field power supply.

The working principle of solar street light with camera is to convert the solar light energy into electrical energy. Solar charge and discharge control is used as the central control device. The electrical energy converted by the solar battery components is stored in the battery pack to meet the power supply requirements of the LED lights and the monitor. Reliable and stable, can meet various harsh working environments outdoors.

Remote monitoring screen

What are the main scenarios of solar street lights with CCTV camera:
1. Highway monitoring system
2. Forest fire monitoring system
3. Island monitoring solar power generation system
4. Other places that cannot be connected to monitor the power supply of equipment.

Solar monitoring

Outdoor CCTV camera is mainly divided into gun-type cameras and spherical cameras.

The gun-type camera requires IP66 or IP67 waterproof and dust proof function, and the monitoring distance can reach 30 meters. The high-definition imaging technology of the gun camera, the high-definition fogging function, the infrared detection lock, and the day and night infrared camera function have been widely used in TV monitoring projects. The day-night conversion infrared camera function of the gun camera enables the camera to detect infrared rays to achieve filter switching in the day-night conversion mode, and solves the problem of frequent day-night conversion of ordinary day-night cameras. Can effectively reduce image noise in low-light environments at night and improve picture quality. The zoom range of the rifle camera depends on the lens you choose, it can be from several times to ten times, and the lens replacement is very convenient. Different lenses can be selected to achieve long-distance or wide-angle monitoring, and the application is very much. In the use of road monitoring, the gun camera can provide a clear picture even if the vehicle speed varies widely. With built-in strong light suppression function and manual electronic shutter setting, the license plate can be captured. It can realistically reproduce the dynamic picture at night, and it is suitable for places that are monitored 24 hours a day, such as highways, toll stations, and safe cities.

The monitoring function of the spherical camera is very powerful. It can often have multiple optical zooms without loss of picture quality. The monitoring range can almost reach 360 °, and it has automatic cruise and preset position settings. However, the spherical camera is often expensive, and the indoor use of the home is not beautiful, and it is generally used in factories, banks, schools and other public places. The network dome camera is the representative of the development of modern TV surveillance. She integrates multiple functions such as colorful integrated cameras, gimbals, decoders, and protective covers. It is convenient and simple to use, but powerful. Can be used on different occasions.

The salient features of solar street lights with CCTV camera:
1. Determine the capacity of solar power generation according to the specific conditions of the region's solar energy resources and load power consumption.

2. Ensure continuous and stable power supply for all monitoring equipment.

3. The monitoring equipment supply power throughout the day 24 hours.

4. Economical, practical, reliable and safe.

5. continuous use rainy days are long (can be designed according to the actual situation of continuous power supply days).

6. The latest deep cycle lithium iron phosphate battery is used as energy storage equipment, which has the characteristics of long life and high performance.

7. The equipment operation is automatically controlled, which can realize unattended and remote monitoring.

8. Adopting monitoring dedicated control and inverter system, which does not interfere with normal monitoring of receiving and sending signals, simple and convenient management and maintenance, and extremely low operating costs.

9. One investment, long-term benefits.

Solar monitoring solar powered camera


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