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How to maintain solar street lights

How to maintain solar street lights
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First, the inspection and maintenance of the solar street light controller, it affects the lighting time and brightness of the system. Because the components of the solar street light  have different lifespans, the main control of brightness and illumination time is the battery and solar street light controller. If the lighting time is short, the battery should be checked first, and the solar street light controller also should be checked. Each manufacturer's controller has instructions, generally equipped with a working status indicator light, based on which it can be initially determined whether the solar street light system is working properly.

Second, the daily maintenance of solar panels. Solar panels are a key component in providing energy for solar street lighting systems, so solar panels are guaranteed to be complete, clean and well condensed. To prevent damage to the solar panels by hard objects or sharp objects, it is forbidden to throw throwing debris on the solar panels,regular cleaning inspections, and timely trimming of the branches covering the solar panels.

Third, the maintenance of battery. It mainly includes the idea of anti-theft, and the second is to check whether the charging and discharging of the solar street lamp system is normal. The initial judgment can be made by referring to the working state of the solar street lamp controller. At the same time, the charge and discharge level of the battery can be checked, and the integrated solar street lamp is integrated. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the working state of the solar street light controller without authorization to avoid overshoot and over discharge of the battery.

Fourth, the daily inspection of LED light. This is relatively simple. First of all, it is necessary to strictly prohibit the impact of hard objects and sharp objects, and often check the working state of the light source. Rural solar street lights should be repaired in time if individual light beads are not bright. To avoid damage to the entire lamp.

Fifth, Inspection and maintenance of solar light poles and accessory objects. In this regard, it is especially important to pay attention to the configuration of the street lamp inspection installation door. It must be filled in time after damage and loss. Because the solar street lamp controller and related lines are installed inside, the rainwater will easily cause short circuit and damage after entering, and the wire is easy to cause due to the opening. Problems such as breakage and breakage seriously affect the life of solar street lighting systems.

In summary, solar street lights may have more or less problems in the long-term use. When the solar street light is not bright, you must find out the reason, in order to avoid unnecessary effects. We can configure the detection to check the cause of the problem, and in many cases, we can handle it ourselves.

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