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How to choose solar street light manufacturer from China?

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95% of solar street lights in the world are produced in China
China has a complete industrial supply chain and mature skilled workers. The downstream hardware factories, battery factories, solar panel factories, and controller factories are all available, and the response speed is fast.

There are a small number of solar street light factories in India, but due to the quality of workers and the lag of the industrial supply chain, their quality can't keep up with China.

Some countries with lower labor costs have tried to purchase SKD from China to assemble the finished products, but the unskilled workers and the imperfect supply chain make the manufacturing cost much higher than that of imports from China. If a country wants to take over China's manufacturing industry, it needs to rely on government subsidies in the early stage. For a long time, it needs to use the country's efforts to build the basic industries of the industrial system, such as raw material mining, steel, and machine tool industries.

Choose solar street light manufacturer from China is a right choice!

There is no solar street light factory in European and American countries because:
1. The comprehensive cost of labor and rent in European and American countries is 4 times that of China on average. The labor cost in European and American countries is 15 USD/hour and working hours are short. While the labor cost in China is 3 USD/hour, Chinese skilled workers are willing to work overtime. The cost of solar street light in the United States is higher than importing from China.

2. European and American countries do not have such a complete supply chain system as China. In the context of decades of globalization, the manufacturing industry has moved from European and American countries to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, and then from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea to coastal cities in mainland China, and the manufacturing industry has continuously moved to lower-cost regions.

Types and distribution of solar street light manufacturers in China
1. Low-quality and low-price public model manufacturers: this group accounts for 95%, with small profits but quick turnover

2. Low-quality and medium-priced public model manufacturers: do one-time business, constantly recruit new salesmen to open up new customers, and the quality of the product is not good for customers after-sales, high profits and black-hearted money

3. Large factories with private molds: These factories also insisted on taking the route of high-quality street lights in the early stage, but the total market for high-quality street lights is relatively small, and the cost of large factories is huge. Sticking to high quality may not be able to feed the factory, and then gradually sell sales Large medium and low quality routes. Such as RoadSmart and SRESKY from ShenZhen

4. High-quality factories with private molds: The number is very small, because the cost of materials is high, the price is slightly higher, and customers can’t distinguish which factory is of high quality, so such a factory is very difficult in the early stage, but in the long run Accumulate good customer reputation, and continue to return orders from customers. Such as Shenzhen Moonlight Technology and Zhuhai LeadSun

Where to buy solar street light from China?
China's solar street light factories are mainly concentrated in the three cities of Yangzhou, Zhongshan and Shenzhen

Yangzhou is the earliest solar street lamp production base in China. It has a history of several decades. It mainly produces large-volume cheap split solar street lamps and uses low-end lead-acid batteries.

Zhongshan is the largest civilian lamp production base, with a wide range of types and low prices, mainly using D-class batteries, mainly for solar street lamps for civilian and rural roads with low quality requirements.

Shenzhen is the birthplace of integrated solar street lights. The quality is higher than that of Yangzhou and Zhongshan. If it is a solar street light with high quality requirements for highways and national highways, it is recommended to find a Shenzhen manufacturer.

Solar street light manufacturer in China

Solar street lights Market: Civil use and Government projects
Solar light civilian market
Solar courtyard lights, solar flood lights, solar wall lights; mainly used in courtyards, hotels, squares and farms.
The solar civil market is not high in quality and price-sensitive. It is better to use B-type lithium iron phosphate batteries, 95% of which use disassembled lithium batteries. Civil lamps generally have low power, and it is safe to use disassembled lithium batteries.

Solar street light project market
Split solar street lights, All in two solar street lights, all in one solar street lights. In developing countries with imperfect infrastructure, they are mainly used for highways, national highways and urban arterial roads, and in China with complete infrastructure, they are mainly used for rural roads.

Highways, national highways and urban arterial roads have relatively high requirements for the quality of lamps. It is recommended to use the best A-class LiFePO4 lithium batteries. Rural roads do not have high requirements for the quality of lamps. Generally, it is cheaper to use disassembled lithium batteries, but disassembled lithium batteries are easily damaged when used in high power light.

Four kinds of lithium batteries and application markets
A-class LiFePO4 Lithium: long cycle life, good safety performance, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, high temperature resistance

B-class LiFePO4 Lithium: long-lasting stock batteries, with the high temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate

C-class Ternary Li-ion Lithium: Stable at low temperature, unstable at high temperature, high energy density

D-class second-hand Lithium: Decayed second-hand batteries removed from electric vehicles

4 Types Lithium Battery Comparison
Type Charge and Discharge times High temperature performance Lifespan
A-class LiFePO4 lithium 2000 times Stable in hot 10-15 years
B-class LiFePO4 lithium 2000 times Stable in hot 5-6 years
C-class Li-ion Lithium 800 times Easy on fire in hot 3-4 years
D-class second-hand battery 300 times Not stable 0-1 year (in big rate)
2-3 years(small rate)
lithium battery comparison

A few large factories will use B-class and C-class. Only two factories that take the quality route insist on using A-class LiFePO4 Lithium, one is Shenzhen Moonlight Technology limited, the other is ZhuHai LeadSun.

Conclusion, how to buy solar street from China?
1. According to the application 
The choice of solar street light manufacturers should be based on their actual needs. For the civilian market, you can choose manufacturers in Zhongshan city. For rural roads market, you can choose split solar street lights in Yangzhou city. These two markets have low quality requirements. If it is a high-quality road lighting, be sure not to buy too cheap solar lights. C-class is easy on fire at high temperatures, and D-class batteries are easy to break when used in high-power solar street lights.

2. Factory equipment and efficiency
It is not that the larger the scale of the manufacturer, the higher the quality. It depends on the management efficiency. If the management efficiency is low, the amortized cost of labor rent management will be added to the product, and the customer will eventually pay for it. We also cannot choose a factory that is too small. If a small factory does not have incoming inspection equipment, the quality of raw materials cannot be guaranteed, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of finished products.

3. Choose when the factory is not busy
Factory production requires a certain technological process, including very important quality inspection process. If the given delivery time is too short, the rush of production can only save the quality inspection process, and the quality of the product will also be affected. Therefore, the more sufficient the delivery time of the product, the better the product quality. We try our best to choose when the factory is not busy, and give production plenty of time.

4. Can't just look at the parameters
Buying solar street light cannot only look at the wattage and price provided by the manufacturers, because most manufacturers of solar street lamps have false standard parameters, and the 120W solar lamps of different manufacturers are actually ten times different. The quality of materials varies greatly. There are four types of lithium-ion batteries, and it is difficult for customers to judge which materials are used by their appearance.

It is not easy for customers to find a high-quality solar street light product. We believe that the solar street light factory which insists on making high-quality products will win in the end.

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