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How to Buy Solar Street Light in 2022? — 5 Tips to Avoid Traps While Buying Solar Lights

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How to Buy Solar Street Light in 2022? — 5 Tips to Avoid Traps While Buying Solar Lights

The year 2022 has just begun, and we already have access to various innovative technologies. Solar Street Lighting is one of them! From storefronts to parking lots, these all-in-one solar lights are perfect to install anywhere. But wait! Here a question arises, how to buy solar street lights while preventing yourself from traps.

In this guide, we have created a list of aspects to consider while buying solar street lighting in 2022. You will also read some proven tips and tricks to avoid fraud and buy solar streetlights perfectly. Before we proceed further, you may like to review some exciting benefits of solar street lights over traditional ones.
So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents:
Why Should You Buy Solar Street Lights?
1. Energy Saving
2. Convenient Installation
3. Extreme Illuminance
4. All-in-one Solar Lights
5. Cost-Effectiveness
Top 7 Things to Consider While Buying Solar Street Lighting in 2022
1. Solar Panel
2. Type of LED Chip
3. Build Quality
4. Design
5. Type of Battery
6. Sensors
7. Remote Access
Top 5 Proven Tips to Avoid Traps
1. Avoid False Parameters
2. Don’t Go with Iron Housing
3. Black Lamp Housing Can Create Troubles
4. Prefer Quality of LEDs over Quantity
5. Hybrid Street Lights Aren’t Practical
Expert Verdict: Where to Buy the Best Solar LED Street Lights?


Why Should You Buy Solar Street Lights?

  1. Energy Saving:
Energy saving is what makes solar-powered LED lights so special. As the name describes, these lights work with solar energy instead of electricity. It means you can utilize the electricity in other operations and generate the expected outcomes. Furthermore, it's also your positive step towards environmental conservation.
  1. Convenient Installation:
Well, solar lights cut off the strings of messy electric wires and offer an easy installation. You don't require any wired setup or electric boards during the installation. Just install the solar LED lights at the required height for perfect illuminance. Meanwhile, make sure the technician places the panel perfectly so that it can absorb the sunlight throughout the day.
  1. Extreme Illuminance:
No doubt solar lights save energy and offer the safest installation. But they don’t compromise the illuminance and light output. With this, you can enjoy up to 600W light output and 25000lm illuminance. If you’re looking to buy solar street light, always have a look at the illuminance for the best results.
  1. All-in-one Solar Lights:
Solar-powered LED lights are famous for their versatility. Whether you want to use them as parking lot lights or floodlights, they're perfect. Especially if you buy PALM Solar Street Light, you get access to various adjustment options at your convenience. That’s why experts consider it as the best 100W solar street light among all.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness:
Now you're not paying any rent or electricity bills to brighten up your area. Hence, you enjoy an overall reduction in your monthly costs. It may surprise you that high-quality solar lights don't require any maintenance. Just buy solar street light and enjoy 25 years of illuminance while saving your cost.


Buy Solar Street Light

Top 7 Things to Consider While Buying Solar Street Lighting in 2022:

You asked for some tips on how to buy solar street lights. So, here you are!
  1. Solar Panel:
A solar panel is the most important part of solar-powered LED lighting. In most cases, manufacturers use polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon solar panels. But we recommend buying a product with a monocrystalline silicon panel for the best results.

If we compare, monocrystalline solar panels offer up to 24% conversion efficiency while polycrystalline ones only have 12%. That’s why we use monocrystalline silicon solar panels while manufacturing PALM Solar Street Light.

  1. Type of LED Chip:
Keeping everything aside, an LED chip is what illuminates the area you want. In this, we recommend buying a product that offers the required brightness and coverage. Here 210lm/w LED chip is a better option when compared to 110lm/w chip.

It may surprise you that the 210lm/w chip has only a 10% attenuation rate while 100lm/w attenuate over 80%. Thus, Cmoonlight manufacture PALM Tree Solar Street Light with CREE5050 210lm/w chip for the best illuminance.

  1. Build Quality:
Hurray! You have selected a solar light with an efficient solar panel and LED chip. But what if it got corrosion after a few years? It usually happens with iron-made solar lights that lost durability due to corrosion. But that's not what happens with corrosion-free alloys.

For instance, PALM Tree Solar Light features a housing made of high-quality All Die-Cast aluminum alloy. This alloy stays free from corrosion in every weather condition and offers extreme durability.
  1. Design:
Besides build quality, design is also a crucial aspect if you're looking to buy solar street lights. As you know, the sun keeps changing its direction throughout the day. A static housing may not absorb the expected solar energy and offers average performance.

How’s about a foldable design? It’s logical too! If you buy solar street light with adjustable housing, you can adjust it according to the sun's location. Furthermore, it also increases solar panel efficiency by 60% and offers reliable heat dissipation.

  1. Type of Battery:
Well, solar light doesn’t work with electricity and battery is the in charge. Manufacturers usually install lithium and lead-acid batteries in solar-powered LED lights. But which type of battery is best in solar lights? The answer is a LiFePo4 Lithium battery!
LiFePo4 battery has a higher capacity and offers four times better performance than lead-acid batteries. With LiFePo4 battery, PALM Tree Solar Light offers 2000 times charge and discharge and backup of over 14 hours.

  1. Sensors:
We live in a digital world, and sensors are making things automated. Interestingly, modern solar street lights have innovative sensors like dusk to dawn and MPPT. These sensors adjust the illuminance according to time and save energy for you.

If you’re looking to buy solar street light, make sure it comes with reliable sensors for the best results. For instance, PALM Tree Solar Street Light features an MPPT controller that combines light and time control for better energy efficiency.

  1. Remote Access:
Everyone has unique needs and climbing on the pole is not a cool idea to customize a solar light. Here you should buy solar street light that supports a multi-functional remote. Even some products allow you to switch between various modes using the remote.

PALM Tree Solar Street Light is the best example here. It offers access to various working modes, including light, microwave, timing, and super brightness.


Top 5 Proven Tips to Avoid Traps:

  1. Avoid False Parameters:

Suppliers usually advertise exciting specifications at a low price to attract you. But it’s a trap! For instance, they display 300W output, but you see a 30W label on the actual product. So, we recommend buying a solar street light from trusted manufacturers like Cmoonlight.
  1. Don’t Go with Iron Housing:

As discussed earlier, never buy solar street lights with iron housing. Suppliers may claim that the product has a corrosion-free coating, and it will last many years. But getting rust or corrosion is the nature of iron. Thus, you can go with a product made of alloy instead of the original iron.
  1. Black Lamp Housing Can Create Troubles:

You may hear that black color attracts heat and lightening. Hence, a product with black lamp housing can surely create trouble. In most cases, individuals have noticed problems like overheating issues. It may surprise you that black housing reaches over 90-degrees Celsius and can damage the battery.
  1. Prefer Quality of LEDs over Quantity:

Higher the number of LEDs, the higher the illuminance! Is that correct? The answer is no. For instance, 210lm/w LEDs offer double illuminance and coverage when compared to 110lm/w LEDs. If you buy solar street light with 100 110lm/w LEDs, it will have low illuminance than 50 210lm/w LEDs.
  1. Hybrid Street Lights Aren’t Practical:

Last but the biggest trap, hybrid solar lights are getting famous. But they aren't practical! Both wind and solar energy have different mechanisms to charge the battery. If you mix both, the combination will reduce the battery backup instead of improving the performance.

Expert Verdict: Where to Buy the Best Solar LED Street Lights?

If you’re looking to buy solar street light, Cmoonlight is the best place to end your research journey. We manufacture the industry's leading PALM Tree Solar Street Light with various certifications like IP67 and RoHS. From battery to illuminance, our 100W solar streetlight justifies its price with efficient specifications.

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