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Different lighting modes of Solar street lights in different occasions

Different lighting modes of Solar street lights in different occasions

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According to different applications, solar street lights need to be set to different lighting modes to maximize energy savings and ensure the use. This article will briefly analyze the lighting mode settings for different occasions where
solar street lights are currently used.

1. Main roads: Generally, the three modes include light control, time control and radar induction are used. The characteristics of the main road ,there are people and vehicles moving around late at night usually. Therefore, the simple light control and time control mode can not meet the demand.


2. Rural villages: generally choose a simple light control + time control mode, because rural areas generally have fewer people and vehicles moving around in the middle of the night, this mode can save a greater degree of energy, and therefore can further save configuration costs, Extending the service life is beneficial to rural areas.


3. School: The school usually has very few people walking in the middle of the night, so it is OK to set the mode of light control + time control.


4. Industrial area: due to production activities will have night shifts, so the appropriate lighting mode is light control + space time + radar sensing.


5. Personal courtyard: the general family activities will be planned accordingly, and there are more scenes to deal with, so it is recommended to use the light control + time control + remote control mode, the remote control mode can be lit at any time, can also be extinguished at any time Light, self-control, energy-saving and practical.

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